Terms and conditions


Only registered uses are in titled to post classified ads on our website.

Like registered user you can add unlimited number of classified ads completely free.

All listed Classified ads needs to be approved by website administrator, and after validation by administrator, latest after 24h they will be posted if they comply with following terms:

In the meantime please don’t post Classified ads with same content!



1) It is consider that all site users are familiar with the written rules and agree with them.

2) Placing the ad, user declares under penalty of perjury that the information in the ad is true.

3) User agrees that personal data and Classified ads text are real.

4) The user guarantees that the photos that sets his work of authorship. Otherwise, if a third party report copyright infringement, an advertiser is required to remove the controversial photograph.

5) Any unauthorized downloading ads, ads text or ads image automatically violate the terms of use of our community and that ad will be removed from the website.

6) Ads that do not belong to the categories on the site, will be re-categorized if possible, in the extreme case, and removed from the site. So keep in mind when selecting categories.

7) Ads that are not in accordance with the provisions of the advertising will be removed from the site (read below).

8) Unauthorized downloading content or part of the site without the permission of Octopus Classifieds shall be deemed a violation of copyright and intellectual property rights.

9) If the ad insert a link to your website, you will not violate the Rules. However, the link must not lead to a site with the same or similar content as Octopus Classifieds.

10) The content of the ads is not allowed to advertise other companies or individuals in any field, unless the customer otherwise arranged with the owner of the portal in a written agreement.

11) Octopus Classifieds will take all reasonably possible steps to protect user privacy site.

12) User information will not be disclosed to any third party (legal / physical), or can be forwarded if the user approves the same.

13) Octopus Classifieds has the right to collect user information (data on computer and Internet service providers), data entered during the registration and login to the site, with the aim of improving the functionality of the site.

14) The data collected about the user is confidential, except in case of violation of these rules or illegal activities.

15) Octopus Classifieds has the right to change the look and functionality of the site without prior notice and at any time.

18) Octopus Classifieds are not responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and validity of information in the advertisements (ads).

19) Prior to the announcement on the site, ads are reviewed and approved by the administrators. None of the ad will be visible on the site until it has fulfilled our guidelines


What kind of ads are not welcomed on Octopus Classifieds website??


A - Advertising and promoting prostitution (acquaintance for a fee), payment for sexual services and the like.

B - Advertising and promoting that includes any form of pedophilia and drug addiction.

C - Calling for meetings, gatherings, riots and insults.

D - Ads that promote or in any form stated racial and religious hatred.

E - Ads from the arrogant and nude photos, images containing pornographic scenes and others.

F-Ads which do not text or have too many worthless text that is repeated.

G - Advertisements with links that lead to other undesirable or sites for which we estimate to be unsuitable or dangerous for visitors.

H - Listings containing the HTML code from other websites - Copy / Paste ads.

I - Listings containing photos taken with other advertising sites.

J - Setting twin - the same or similar ads are repeated.

K - Set the same ad in less than 30 days.

L - Ads that advertise other sites with ads or no site (the ad is not in the domain sale, buy, change, to give).

M - Advertising Kamagra, Viagra, Cialis gel, tablets, powders and devices for power.

N - Advertising magic, help with exorcism, various services that include all alternative medical methods other than homeopathy.

Please follow these guidelines and ask that you post your ads in a natural way, without the insertion of HTML and links.


Note: If you want to add a link in the ad, it will involve a request to exchange links which you must inform us by email.

When you add a link to our site Octopus classifieds, your link will be visible in the ad.

For any additional questions, please visit Questions and Answers


Thank you for your understanding!