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Octopus Classifieds was launched in 2014. Website is privately owned, and to verify the regularity of the site several administrators is authorized.

Advertising space is designed so that upon registration, you can add your Classified ads completely free.

Ad space can be used only in well-intentioned purposes, as a way of informing visitors about services, products, second-hand stuff ... etc., through short text, photo and video ads.


As such, completely free publish ads that are in accordance with the law on advertising on the Internet.

We are not a profitable organization and we don’t earn from ads. Our activity is completely "freelance" and through the development and improvement of the software people want to facilitate advertising. However, all precautions are also predicted well by adding and publishing ads on the site required registration and inspection and testing of ads by the administrator. Each ad has its own ID (personal identification number) to which it is determined and who is the owner of the ad (the advertiser).


- Octopus Classifieds will not publish your information on the site other than information that you voluntarily disclose when placing an advertisement, it means that you have the opportunity to decide whether the site publicly set your e-mail and phone, or will maintain privacy and contact pursued through our secure e-mail communication system on the site.

Data such as e-mail, nickname and phone number are your property and therefore please check their data before publishing the ad, check and decide what you want to be published on the ad. Your profile on the Octopus Classifieds will be available to all registered users.


- your data can only assign the prosecution authorities, upon written request, if you have violated the basic principles of advertising and through its ad impacted negatively on people or encourage people in any kind of illegal activities.

- If you want your data to be removed from the site, you can do it yourself on your account. If you cannot remove or edit their own information, please let us know so we can take the necessary actions.


- If you have problems setting up your account, please contact us. We will do it for you.


- As a registered user, you can add, edit and delete your ads, comment on other people's ads or warn about spam, offensive ad and inappropriate content. For each marking ads, please let us know via email.


- If you have a problem with adding or deleting ads, also let us know via email.

- Octopus Classifieds strictly prohibited advertising of any form of pornography, pedophilia, drug abuse and ads with political contents. Such ads are automatically deleted from the portal.

- If you notice the fraud portal, suspicious ad or spam, please contact us Right Away! Next to each ad you'll see unique Ad ID # in the form of the number that you are required to send us so that we know about which ad is in question. Messages that do not contain the URL of the ad or Ad ID will not be taken into account.

-  Octopus Classifieds don’t charge regular (standard) ads, and can charge advertising space on the site, as agreed with the customer, because this ad space owners. Ad space on the top, above, right and below the ad.

- A maximum of 30-45 days from the date of the posting being guarded listings and information about the advertiser. After that, the system automatically deletes all data.


Also, if you are a company or agency that is published monthly by more than 50 ads (or more than 5 ads per day), has the right to seek compensation for advertising.


- Octopus Classifieds collect the following information: IP (location) of visitors, your name, phone and email. These data serve to monitor activities on the site. We will never pass your information to a third party. Your details are very quality encrypted and protected from theft. Data will be stored up to 30 days of placing your ads. If you do not renew your ad, your membership lasts for 15 days, after which you'll have to re-register.


- The site also uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic and visits. Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to display appropriate ads on our site.

Using DART cookies by Google displays ads to all readers of our site based on their visit to our site and other sites on the Internet. You as a user can disable the use of the DART cookie by visiting the privacy policy of Google ads and content network. Otherwise, Google only collects IP addresses that he used to successfully analyze the number of visitors to a particular website. Google on our website does not collect any personal information about the advertiser. Also on site there and Google AdSense advertisements that fill the space and visually enhancing the page. By clicking on this ad you will be redirected to interesting web addresses or information you need. Octopus Classifieds not affect those addresses and all content will be opened in a new window without disrupting the main page with ads.


Thank you for the time you spend reading our privacy policy.


Best regards!



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